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JKM Services LLC"Clean Environment for Healthier Living"

Mold & Indoor Air Quality


Mold is a very common indoor air contaminant found in homes and facilities in Northeast Ohio. It is commonly found in indoor spaces that most people normally don't spend time in such as attics, basements and crawlspaces. Many people are unaware of the insidious microbial issue until they go to sell their home.  


Continuous over exposure to mold can create health issues. Respitory problems, memory loss, flu-like symtoms are just some of the symtoms that could indicate a significant mold issue.  Not all people are affected however, continuous exposure or people with compromised immune systems can develop medical issues just by living in their home. 


Mold can also create structural issues as well.  Mold's job is to "eat" building material and overtime mold can create costly repairs. 


JKM Services, LLC uses the ICR method (Isolate, Contain and Remove). Utilizing negative air pressure, abrasion methods with the best fungicides and inhibitors, we can ensure your family is safe and protect you from costly repairs!  Our primary concern is the safety and health of our customers and our employees. 

Indoor Air Quality

JKM Services, LLC is dedicated to our customers needs regarding indoor air quality (IAQ). We have devoted almost a quarter of a century to the study and implementation of indoor air quality techniques.  Controlling air movement, stablizing ventilation systems, installing filtrations systems and properly insulating areas are just some of the ways that JKM Services, LLC provides assistance in improving the indoor air quality in your home. Testing and intense investigation begins the process of understanding issues.  Recently published data indicates that 50% of illnesses can be related to poor indoor air quality. With our knowledge and experience with building structure, biology and environment, we are confident that we are the solution to your indoor air quality issues!  

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