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Visual Assessments & Testing

Visual Assessments

Visual assessments are our key to understanding a broad range of environmental issues.  Many of these issues can be determined visually. However, the use of the latest technology such as thermal imaging cameras, hygrometers and moisture meters helps us understand and document indoor environments. Mold, bacteria and yes even viruses thrive in certain conditions. JKM Services, LLC uses the latest technology to not only measure these environments, but to identy the source(s) that allow poor indoor environments to thrive.  


Visual assessments are crucial to identify source(s) so a proper remediation plan can be enacted. Our experienced experts are well trained in thermal dynamics, building structure and are skilled in all phases of construction in order to determine the right path for corrective action.  We will answer the questions with facts and documentation.  We will never hyperbolize or try to scare customers.  We generate evidence and facts to present to our customers. We understand that not everyone is mechanically inclined or a building expert so we explain the issues and what we believe will be the best course of action.

Environmental Testing

Testing indoor air environments is crucial when trying to understand an environmental issue.  This type of testing is usually performed after a thorough visual assessment and investigating a claim from the person or people affected. When fitting the pieces of a puzzle together from the visual assessment, interviewing the person or people affected and test results we can build a comprehensive plan to mitigate the issue.  This type of testing is usually known as a pretest or background test.  Surface swabs, tape-lifts and air testing are common forms of sampling we provide to collect the necessary data for analysis.


Post environmental testing is performed after a remediation project has been performed. It is not necessary in many case but it is stronly encourage to test after a remediation project. Isolated and unconditioned areas that are not a part of the indoor air environment don't not normally need post testing such as unihabitable attics, garages or out-buildings. These areas are not a part of your indoor air quality system and sampling parameters are limited due to continuous uncontrolled airflow.


How do we test? The most common test we perform is testing for microbial contamination (mold). When conducting an air test either a pretest or post remediaton test, all air moving devices such as your HVAC system, ceiling fans, dehumidifier should be off for at least an hour before testing. This will give us a true ambient air quality reading. An outdoor sample is also take to establish a comparison from the indoor air sample. We look for the quantitative amount of mold spores inside and outside and the genre of mold comparatively to each sample.  In Northeast Ohio, long winters may not give us an accurate quantitative amount however, identifying differences in genre usually identifies an indoor microbial issue. 


Information and experience is key to the successful execution of environmental testing. Leave it to our team of experts to explain our methods and to give you the accurate information!

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